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Laurence Savelli

I was born in 1960 in Paris.
Attracted to Germany, Central European Countries and Spain at the age 16, I started to travel.

Very soon I started to work with young 'drop-outs', using theatratical devices inspired by The Theatre of the Oppressed by the Argentinean, Augusto Boal in which actors spontaneously provoke everyday situations to highlight social issues and problems. I was also influenced by the writing style and stage craft of the French dramatist Armand Gatti who worked directly with survivors of the holocaust, prisoners and others to powerfully dramatise and question the realities of they current and past situations.

I moved to Bonn in Germany. At the same time I became interested in Linguistics and Semiotics and took to full time research on the contribution of feminism /feminity/gender to the arts.
My interest in non-institutional art forms bought me to India 1992

I settled in India during which time I did extensivly travel troughout the country and South-east India. I have been exposed to the many living art forms of Madhubani, Warlis, Gongs, Bastar, as well as other tribal art. My work has found inspiration from India's fascinating "rural " and ''urban landscapes '' which encompass the festive spirit with underlying hostility. I found the many layers of my surroundings as a stage already set, and I began to work for URBAN LANDSCAPES, BLACK IS BEAUTIFULL, GOLDEN MOMENTS UP ROUND THE BEND .

2000 ...
Back to France.
I usually attempt to use the props around me to create compositions. The use of different mediums simulates the complexities and diversities of my surroundings in which I find myself, at times being a spectator of a play. At a personal level I do try to involve people as part of the production for example is multi-layered movement through the use of mirrors and angles which continually reflects changing patterns.