tribal masks and myths

Tribal Masks and Myths/Robin David Tribhuwan and Laurence Savelli. New Delhi, Discovery, 2003, viii, 53 p., 48 plates, ISBN 81-7141-636-5.

Contents: Preface. 1. Concepts and definitions of masks. 2. Research methodology. 3. Tribal villages, people and mask makers. 4. Bohada: the mask festival of Bharsatmet. 5. Bohada: as interpreted by the non-tribals. 6. Summary and conclusions.
"Man has made use of masks in dance rituals, dramas, folk songs, temples, and different socio-cultural contexts. In South India masks are worn by Kathakali Dancers, to depict good and evil characters from Hindu epics. Masks find an important place in Hindu festival celebration such as Dasera, Durga Puja and Ram Navami.
"Tribal societies in India too use have mask characters. Some of the tribes using masks are Bhils, Garasia, Bison Horn Madia, Santhals, Oraons etc. However, there is only one tribal town in India, that depicts 54 tribal mask characters. This town is known as Jawhar, from Thane district, in the state of Maharashtra. These 54 characters are taken in a procession during a Mask Festival called "Bohada". The festival of Bohada is popular among the Koknas, Thakars, Mahadev Kolis,Malhar Kolis, Dhor Kolis, Katkaris, Warlis and few caste groups of Thane and Nasik District.

"This book unveils a comprehensive socio-cultural and symbolic profile of Bohada festival, celebrated by the tribals and non-tribals of Thane and Nasik. An attempt has been made to unravel the various types of masks, the process of making them, rituals and myths associated with the same, the status of mask makers and the traditional style of organizing the Bohada Festival.
"This piece of work will surely attract the attention of anthropologists, sociologists, art students, interior designers, architects, museologists, students of tribal studies and general readers as well." (jacket)

Fairs and festivals of indian tribes

Fairs and Festivals of Indian Tribes/Robin David Tribhuwan. New Delhi, Discovery, 2003, x, 234 p., ISBN 81-7141-640-3.

Contents: Preface. I. Glimpses of tribal festivals: 1. An introduction to tribal fairs and festivals: theoretical considerations/Robin D. Tribhuwan and Preeti R. Tribhuwan. 2. Fairs and festivals of the Kinnaras of Western Himalaya/B.R. Sharma. 3. Asur festivals/Prathibha Kumari. 4. Festivals of Sauria Paharia/Pratibha Kumari. 5. Disuasendra in Santhal society/Nabakumar Duary. 6. Tribal fairs and festivals of Rajasthan/Monika Spolia and Robin D. Tribhuwan. 7. Celebration of life: festivals in Jhauba/Narendra Bokhare. 8. Fairs and festivals of the Bhilala tribe/L.N. Soni. 9. Tribal festivals in Maharashtra/Robin D. Tribhuwan. 10. Nyokum: the festival of the Nyishis of Arunachal Pradesh/Indra Mallo. 11. Tribal festivals in Kalhandi, Orissa/Kunj Bihari Nayak. 12. Influence of Kali Puja festival on tribals of West Bengal/Sumita Mukherjee and Robin D. Tribhuwan. 13. Festivals in India: a theoretical consideration/Kunj Bihari Nayak. 14. Bohada: the Mask festival of Bharsatmet/Robin D. Tribhuwan and Laurence Savelli. 15. Festivals and fairs of the Nagas/Talimenla and Robin D. Tribhuwan. 16. Festivals of selected tribes from South India/Robin D. Tribhuwan. II. Tribal fairs in India: 17. Vaneshwar fair/Monika Spolia and Robin D. Tribhuwan.

18. Fairs in tribal Bihar/Pratibha Kumari. 19. Folk dance in the season of fairs and festivals amongst Juangs/Alok Kumar Kunugo. 20. Gujarat’s tribal fairs/Anuja Arun Mujjundar. 21. Toranmal fair of the tribals from Satpuda mountain ranges/Robin D. Tribhuwan and Kunj Bihari Nayak. 22. Bhima Shanker tribal fair/Robin D. Tribhuwan. 23. The Mahalaxmi fair of tribals in South Gujarat and Western Maharashtra/Robin D. Tribhuwan. 24. Devmogra and Asthamba fairs/Robin D. Tribhuwan."Fairs and festivals have been a part of the fabric of tribal India for thousands of years. Even today there traditions continue in all the 573 tribal groups prevalent in the country. At the same time the forces of social change are erasing some of the customs and traditions associated with tribal fairs and festivals.
"This book unveils fairs and festive celebrations of some major tribes of India. The subject is vast though, but some one has to start with a small beginning. An attempt therefore has been made to unravel the cultural and symbolic components of fairs and festivals of Indian tribes, with a hope that scholars and researchers from different disciplenes and various parts of India would take cover other areas and tribes in near future.
"This book will be useful to students and research scholars of anthropology, sociology, museology, history, rural and tribal studies, social work, art and general readers as well. Besides, this it will also generate interest among N.G.O.’s working to preserve and revitalize tribal heritage." (jacket)
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